10:00 - 15:00 (GMT+2)

The Aim

The conference is organized with the aim to acquaint all participants of the Latvian construction industry - architects, designers, builders, real estate developers, municipalities - with construction digitization processes to coordinate the development of the industry internationally, promote cooperation between different countries and create a unified digitization platform.

What To Expect?

Representatives of the Latvian state, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and foreign countries will speak at the conference, sharing their experience on the benefits of the construction process, using BIM in both public procurement and production, design and construction processes.

The conference speakers will present three main sections:

Part 1 Panel discussions:

  • Digitalisation of Construction Education - challenges and solutions
  • BIM in tenders - getting the best result
  • National BIM implementation - strategy, milestones, results

Part 2 BIM F*UPS stories
Part 3 Presentation of the BIM Award

More information coming soon!