BIM Awards

Association for Construction Industry Digitalisation of Latvia (BUVID) is looking to award the most innovative construction sector related product, solution or process developed or implemented in the past 2 years. The goal is to promote construction industry digitalisation efforts by companies creating new solutions and solving common and complex problems.

The evaluation will be done by a judge panel from BUVID’s members and the general sponsor prior to the event to define 2-3 shortlisters. On the conference day the shortlisters will be able to present their submission and the listeners will be asked to vote for their favourite.


  1. Clear and detailed description;

  2. Relevance of the product, solution or process;

  3. Benefits to the construction market or company;

  4. Supporting material availability - pictures, videos, models etc.

If you want to share your innovative solution and apply for the main prize from the supporters of the event, please, fill out the application form below and send your project materials (pictures, videos, models etc) to [email protected] by clicking the button "Send files" below!

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